If your preschooler loves animals, they’ll be obsessed with these screen-free educational activities

Embrace your child’s love of animals with some fun educational and creative activities. (Source: iStock)

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If you’re a parent, you know that keeping kids entertained can sometimes feel like running in circles. An even bigger challenge is trying to find ways to keep kids entertained and educated. While we want our kids to have fun, we also want to make sure we aren’t putting their learning needs on the back burner.

The key is to engage your child in educational activities that focus on topics they are interested in — for many children, this is animals. Learning about animals gives young children a bigger outlook on the world, teaches them the functions of different species and entertains them with all the ways animals are different from us.

If this sounds like something your child would enjoy, check out these animal-focused educational activities that are both exciting and didactic. Read on to gain insights on what might be your child’s new favorite past-time. Bonus: there’s not a TV or tablet anywhere on this list.

Foster a love of reading

Taking time out of your day to enjoy a good book with your child is sure to build reading skills and memories. Focusing on books with animals is a sure way to get your little zoologist started on a lifelong passion. We recommend the following books as a great place to start.

Little Kids First Big Book of Animals - Buy it on Amazon

National Geographic’s Little Kids First Big Book of Animals is the perfect introduction to animals for preschool-aged children. With this ‘little’ big book, children will learn about all different types of animals. Modeled after National Geographic’s wildly successful ‘Little Kids’ magazine, this book is full of interesting content. At just under $9 on Amazon, this education animal book is the perfect addition to your child’s library.

Ocean Animals Preschool Activity Book - Buy it on Amazon

Another great book for your animal-loving child is this Ocean Animals Preschool Activity Book. This activity book will help your child discover great ways to play with the ‘help’ of fun and exciting creatures under the sea. This book’s portable size and high-quality design make it a great choice for activities at home or on the go. Introduce your child to mazes, word searches, matching games, coloring activities and more by adding this fun book to your Amazon cart today for only $8.

Taking time out of your day to enjoy a good book with your child is sure to build reading skills and memories. Focusing on books with animals is a sure way to get your little zoologist’ started on a lifelong passion.

Taking Nature Walks

Getting outside and enjoying fresh air is important for both parents and children, and it’s a great way to learn and play. Going for nature walks gives you and your child quality time together, and there are many elements of the outside world that can be educational for children. Looking for bugs, playing games and collecting little things that you find along the way are all fun ways to make an outdoor walk both educational and fun. A hike on your favorite trail or a trek through a park will definitely open the door to exploration and broaden your child’s mind.

Tap into their inner artist

Allowing your child to communicate their interests and opinions through art is a fun way to encourage them to truly be themselves and learn how to use different colors and mediums. Using art as a bonding activity for the both of you can be a magical experience. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these arts and crafts kits.

Craftikit Arts and Crafts for Kids - Buy it on Amazon

Craftikit Arts and Crafts Box for Kids is a fun art kit that’s hassle-free for adults. This kit includes 20 different projects that are perfect for kids ages three and up. This kit has everything you need to complete educational crafts with your child. The crafts included will help develop creativity, improve motor skills and open discussions about animals. Garnering 4.8-stars, don’t miss out this amazing product while it’s on sale for 25% off.


Crayola Ultimate Art Case with Easel - Buy it on Amazon

Having a wide range of art supplies for your child gives them the ability to make some decisions on their own and learn about how different mediums work. The Crayola Ultimate Art Case with Easelwill give your child everything they need to be able to complete all the arts and crafts projects their little hands can handle. Inside the durable art case is 85 coloring tools including eight markers, 24 crayons, 12 colored pencils, eight washable watercolors and much more. Get it on Amazon for just $16.

Kids Coloring Books Animal Coloring Book - Buy it on Amazon

No kid can have too many coloring books, and they’re a super easy way to keep your child occupied creatively. The coloring pages in this Kids Animal Coloring Book are full of animal favorites that will entertain any child. This book features animals ranging from furry pets, woodland creatures, jungle beasts, beautiful birds and much more. Each coloring page is printed on a single side with a special black page behind it to assist with removing the finished product for framing or display. Happy purchasers rate it a 4.7-stars, and it can be ordered from Amazon for a little less than $14.

Help your child enjoyably learn

There isn’t a parent in the world who doesn’t want to see their child grow up with a healthy balance of learning and playing, and these activities are some easy ways to make getting that done easier.

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