Teen riding bicycle dragged by pickup truck in hit-and-run, California police say

LeBron Evans was riding his e-bike when a pickup truck hit him and dragged him half a block, officials said.  Photo from Christina Evans

Christina Evans knew something was wrong when she woke to a loud pounding at the door of her California home.

She was half asleep but immediately checked her 15-year-old son’s room, Evans told McClatchy News.

Her son, LeBron, wasn’t there.

It was past his 9:45 p.m. curfew, so Evans said she knew the mysterious knock in the middle of the night was about him.

LeBron’s best friend’s mother was at the door, bracing Evans for the worst — Lebron was riding his e-bike when he was hit by a pickup truck that dragged him half a block on his way home in Redondo Beach on Saturday, Sept. 17, according to Evans.

The driver didn’t stop, she said.

LeBron was sitting in the car, waiting to go to the hospital, with road rash covering his back side and leg, Evans said. He also sprained his wrist.

Somehow, LeBron didn’t break a bone, Evans said.

“That’s so amazing, isn’t it?” Evans said. “We’re very lucky for him to still be alive.”

Despite LeBron escaping the hit-and-run with his life, for Evans, it has “been the worst thing that’s ever happened” to the family.

The hit-and-run happened while LeBron was riding his bike down Rindge Lane around 10:30 p.m. when he came to a four-way stop at Marshallfield Lane, Scot Martin, a traffic investigator with the Redondo Beach Police Department, told McClatchy News.

Neither LeBron, who was traveling west, nor the white pickup truck traveling north stopped, Martin said.

LeBron was “broadsided in the intersection” by the truck, according to Martin.

LeBron was pushed and subsequently dragged about 100 feet on Rindge Lane, Martin said. After the driver stopped, LeBron stood and grabbed his bike.

The driver then “drove out of sight,” according to Martin.

Martin said he is looking through home security footage of the hit-and-run that nearby residents sent to police.

“Unfortunately, the Ring videos are pretty blurry, so we don’t have the cleanest picture of the car,” Martin said.

From what he can tell, Martin thinks the car was a white Dodge pickup truck.

For Evans, she said she just wants closure and asks that the driver turns themselves in.

“We’re looking for closure and healing here,” Evans said.

LeBron is healing, though.

The hardest part for the teen is not being able to play sports.

“He’s on the freshman basketball team,” Evans said, “so he’s used to always being on the go.”

Nonetheless, LeBron has a bit more healing to do before he can get back to his normal routine.

“Doctors say that the road rash will take anywhere from four to six weeks to heal,” Evans said, adding it may be even longer before he’s up and about playing contact sports.

If anyone has any information about the incident, Martin asked that they call police at 310-379-2477.

Redondo Beach is about 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles.

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